Dr. Liana Nenacheva - Personal Story

Personal Story of Dr. Liana Nenacheva

Most people enter any of the medical fields because they want to help people. The same was true for Dr. Liana Nenacheva even though she came from a very humble family in Khabarovsk, Russia, in the late 1960s, where life was extremely difficult. She began her studies to be a doctor at the age of 16, graduating as a medical doctor at 22, and continuing her studies to become a qualified facial reconstruction surgeon.

Her gifts, determination and skill led her to become a very successful maxillofacial surgeon in one of Russia’s biggest university hospitals and she thought she would be there for the rest of her life.

But the Universe had totally different plans for her…

After a terrible car accident at the age of 23, Liana was paralyzed and unable to walk from injuries to her brain, spinal cord, neck, liver and other internal organs. Miraculously, a Korean man came into her life two months later and using acupuncture needles, physiotherapy, and his magical skills coupled with Liana’s willpower, Liana walked again after being told that that would never happen. This changed the course of Liana’s life and led her to study both holistic medicine and acupuncture.

She then moved to Belgium to work at another university hospital and continue her studies of acupuncture but soon burned out with her hectic schedule. She was forced to take leave for six months to heal and regain a reasonable balance. Believing that she would also recover from this, she used holistic medicine, Chinese herbs, and acupuncture to regain that balance. She also had many very powerful life lessons during this time. Part of her recovery was learning how to appreciate and enjoy every moment of her life, be happy just to be alive, even do nothing more than enjoy nature and stillness. She found pleasure in very basic activities like dancing, painting, and singing.

All of this led Liana to make the change from allopathic medicine to holistic natural wellness and she courageously left the hospital and set up her own acupuncture practice, becoming a full time holistic doctor combining western and Chinese medicine. She continued to study Tuina (a form of Chinese manipulative therapy often used with acupuncture, moxibustion, fire cupping, Chinese herbalism, t’ai chi, and qigong), herbs and nutrition while maintaining a balanced lifestyle, carefully taking care of her daughter and herself. She also started practicing yoga because her back had become stiff causing her a lot of pain. The car accident continually reminded her that she needed to move otherwise she would be back in a wheel chair.

While working with her patients, Liana became very aware that MOVEMENT was an important component of the healing process. As her patients started to ask for yoga lessons, she got certified as a yoga teacher and started conducting yoga workshops. She was very interested in the energy aspect of yoga, meridian yoga, and therapeutic yoga. Everything that Liana was learning she incorporated into her practice with her clients.

Her life path was not yet complete however and in 2001, in her early 30’s, Liana had another near-death experience when she went into anaphylactic shock after drinking a beverage. Her vocal cords became so swollen that she stopped breathing and at that moment fully realized that food COULD kill. She had no further allergy problems after that accident until 2011 when she suffered a severe asthma attack.

She had been studying nutrition and macrobiotic therapy and had applied this to both her life and in the treatment of her patients, however this asthma experience brought her into a very deep awareness of the energy of her body. She thought she was healthy, ate healthy food, and led a healthy lifestyle but then realized there was a lot more to know and understand and she started looking for new ways to live fully in this deeper level of wisdom.

The humid climate and polluted air along with her very busy holistic practice that had become harmful to her led her to move to Ubud, Bali, and set up her holistic wellness practice.

Liana’s practice in Ubud is different from her approach in Europe in that people in Bali are more open to healthier, natural therapies and tend to want to change themselves rather than be fixed. Her patients understand that many of their problems are within their control and that healthy lifestyles and the food they eat play substantial roles in their overall wellbeing.

She continues studying causal medicine under her teacher in Bali and incorporating it into her practice. Her practice has evolved from her initial studies in Russia based upon the events of her life and the modalities she has learned in her own recovery and recuperation over the years. This is an organic process that continues to expand and grow every year based upon her personal needs and those of her patients.

Causal medicine teaches that all suffering, pains, problems, illnesses, and fast ageing are actually our problems and that we truly create and are fully responsible for everything in our lives. The power of human thought is incredible. Illnesses are blessings that the universe gives to us to show us where we need to change our thoughts, improve our self-knowledge, and connect with the universe. It is both an internal imbalance and an imbalance between the person and the universe. Being happy, healthy, and successful is within our control. Restoring the balance on Planet Earth is possible if we restore the balance inside of us and Dr. Nenacheva provides a lot of practical tools to achieve this balance. It is the principle concept behind all of the work and teachings of Dr. Liana.

Liana’s clients, students, friends, and even her daughter have asked her to share her knowledge and medical proficiency, which has become very broad. She has been studying and working for 30 years now and has begun to channel this collective knowledge and wisdom into “The Living Wisdom Academy” Online Wellness Education, “Whole Life Detox Bali,” and into her books, courses, and retreat programs.

Liana has never had an easy life, however she says, “My life is my best teacher. It has given me many different and adverse experiences to help me understand ill health, recovery, and wellness from first hand experiences. I treat my patients fully understanding what it means to be sick and unhappy by now walking on the path to wellness and joy. I sincerely want to share my experiences and knowledge, my tears, and my happiness so people can learn from whichever piece they need to help them be happy, healthy, and live fully.”