Total Holistic Health with Dr. Liana Nenacheva

Learn the secrets to feeling better, living longer and enhancing your well-being the natural way with the Total Holistic Health Program.

This program provides you with the tools and motivation to make changes in your own life and achieve your health goals. Whether you are struggling with chronic illness, spiritual harm or weight loss, Dr. Liana will conduct a thorough consultation to determine the root cause of your ailment and provide you with an actionable plan on how to deal with these issues, and break down the barriers blocking you from realising your full potential.

All Total Holistic Health programs are uniquely tailored to the individual and provide ongoing support throughout the process should you need a helping hand.

Our packages include:

Initial Consultation – 90 Minutes – $150

4 Session Package – 90 Minute Initial Consult, 3 x 60 Minute Follow-Ups – $400

6 Session Package (Most Popular) – 90 Minute Initial Consult, 5 x 60 Minute Follow-Ups – $600

Follow Up Session – 60 Minutes – $100

Sessions are open to clients anywhere in the world via Skype.