Nutrition for Life with Zhané

The Nutrition for Life Online Coaching Program provides you with an easy-to-follow eating strategy tailor made to support your unique body and deal with the daily stressors in your life whether they be physical, work or family related.

As part of this program Zhané will create a personalised daily routine complete with nutrition, exercise  and recovery interventions to help you achieve your weight-loss, health and fitness goals.

Whether you are a busy mother struggling to find time for yourself, a highly-stressed corporate frequently visiting the vending machine or an overtrained athlete, Zhané will provide you with the actionable steps to help you live your healthiest, fittest life each and every day.

Our: packages include:

Initial Consultation – 90 Minutes – $150

4 Session Package – 90 Minute Initial Consult, 3 x 60 Minute Follow-Ups – $400

6 Session Package (Most Popular) – 90 Minute Initial Consult, 5 x 60 Minute Follow-Ups – $600

Follow Up Session – 60 Minutes – $100

Sessions are open to clients anywhere in the world via Skype.