Initial Consultation

90 minutes – $150

Imagine what life would be like if you weren’t constantly worrying about your weight, your body, or feeling uncomfortable and self-conscious in your own skin.

What would it be like to have more energy, more confidence and once and for all, stop battling against your body? I’m here to tell you that it’s possible. No matter who you are, you CAN DO IT and this session is the first step to help you get there.

Take charge of your body, health and life by feeling better, living longer and enhancing your well-being the natural way through this Total Holistic Health Program guide by Dr. Liana Nenacheva.

Believe me, you are going to look fantastic, but you are going to feel even better!

This Total Holistic Health and well-being consultation is JAM PACKED with information and resources to give you all the tools you need to get started and on the way to totally transforming your life! During this consultation doctor Liana Nenacheva will uniquely incorporate a wide range of her knowledge and skills in Western, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nutrition Therapy. This knowledge gives her a wide range of tools to work with your entire system. She will discover underlying imbalances in your energetic system. Doctor will help you to understand the cause of your illness and work with you to find effective solutions.

Dr. Liana will create an individualized Total Holistic Program with its view of humans as complete physical, energetic and spiritual beings, constitutes a powerful method to create health at all levels: physical, mental and emotional.

Our body is a detoxing, cleansing and excess weight losing efficient machine. That is what it is designed to do.
You will learn how to optimize your lifestyle and nutrition to maximize the body’s healing and detoxing capacity.

Doctor will assess your current condition in terms of health, lifestyle and eating choices to develop a customized dietary and lifestyle plan.

Dr. Nenacheva treats not only your current symptoms, but also the underlying causes of your disease.  Doctor can find the disturbance of your energetic balance before the symptoms or the disorders actually occur. This means that this program is also suitable to prevent diseases.

Each patient will be treated as a unique individual with a personal constitutional history including lifestyle, environment, diet and desire to heal.

Sessions are open to clients anywhere in the world via Skype.