Dr. Liana Nenacheva

Dr. Liana Nenacheva

Dr. Liana Nenacheva is a holistic doctor and nutrition specialist who utilizes alternative methodology to invigorate mind, body and spirit. It is her passion to assist others in achieving their true, unlimited potential and optimal wellness.

Dr. Liana Nenacheva S.D., L.Ac., a diplomat of Chinese herbology was born in Russia, where she studied western medicine (MD, SD) and practiced as an medical doctor for 30 years in Russia and Belgium, as well as oral, facial and reconstructive surgeon.

She successfully completed the following studies in Belgium and China:

  • Master in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture for adults and children
  • Master in Chinese Herbal Medicine and Nutrition Therapy
  • Trigger point Therapy
  • Chef Training in Natural Cooking
  • Vegan Training
  • Cooking according to the 5 elements
  • Yoga Therapy

Dr. Liana has the unique ability of identifying the root, underlying issues for both basic and complex health and nutritional problems and diseases.  She uses a straightforward approach that embodies a combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle techniques that are easy to follow and enormously effective.  She has helped hundreds of people achieve radiant, long lasting physical and emotional wellness.

Dr. Nenacheva is a member of Belgian Association for Traditional Chinese Medicine and has been practicing TCM for more than 10 years.

Dr. Liana Nenacheva is specializing in:

  1. Ear Acupuncture
  2. Laser acupuncture
  3. Electro-acupuncture
  4. Holistic non-surgical facial rejuvenation and cosmetic acupuncture
  5. Holistic Acupuncture Body Modulation and Weight Loss
  6. Japanese facelift massage
  7. Traditional Chinese rejuvenation self-massage and moxibustion therapy
  8. Rejuvenation therapy and detox

Dr. Nenacheva is a certified Yoga Instructor. She studied different types of Yoga in Belgium and as well as is certified by the International Yoga Alliance. Her yoga studies include:  Yoga Therapy, Kundalini Yoga, vVnyasa, Hatha, Ayengar, Ashtanga with the top world’s teachers:

  • Rusty Wells (Bakti Yoga)
  • PetrosHaffenrichter (Jivamukti Yoga)
  • Gurmukh (Kundalini Yoga)
  • Misha Polak (Therapeutic Yoga
  • Heather Radha Duplex and Anthony “Prem” Carlisi (Ashtanga)
  • Nancy Golgoff (Ashtanga)
  • Michael Gamilton (Ashtanga)

Dr. Liana has been using the following holistic disciplines:

  • Invigoration meditation method: balancing chakras and aura; human bio-energetic balance
  • Invigoration Gymnastics for bio-energetic balance
  • Psychosomatic psychology
  • Bio-dynamic craneo-sacral therapy

Dr. Liana Nenacheva is an experienced facilitator and speaker in the category ‘Human Health’ and ‘Family Relationships’ and has more than 10 years of teaching experience in the area of holistic medicine and human wellbeing, yoga therapy and causal medicine.