Sayuri Tanaka founder of ‘Sayuri Healing Food’, Japan

It was wonderful to have Dr. Liana as a guest facilitator for my raw food chef training. On the day I got her book ‘Food as Medicine’ in my hands, I resonated with her and I knew I was going to do something with her! Her lecture on Chinese Traditional Medicine & Macrobiotic philosophy was very clear & easy-to-understand. As a holistic doctor, who has western knowledge & also deep understanding of Eastern perspective of Chinese Herbology & Traditional Chinese Medicine, she has developed her own holistic approach to teaching students about nutrition: from body, mind, and spirit perspective, explaining how emotions affect us physically & mentally and therefore our overall wellness.

Detox Testimonial from Egle

Egle R, London, UK

I know Liana personally and have been in her place few times and each time I am there I am amazed of how caring and professional she is! However teachers and all team does great job to meet each need of their customers creating magical experience at the same time.

Thank you for all Dr.Liana!
Always grateful

Detox Testimonial from Nina

Nina R, Belgium

Dr. Liana is an excellent person who takes the time to listen and guide you in a personalized manner. Although most clinicians would treat you from one vision, she looks not only to the physical but also to the mental and spiritual and nutrition part. She helped me during a difficult moment in my life for which I am very grateful to her.