Thermal nature: slightly warming
Favor: sweet

Healing properties:

  • Relieves stagnant qi energy of the lungs: transforms phlegm; alleviates cough,
  • Lubricates the intestines.


  • Lung conditions including coughing and asthma
  • Also helps in cases of fluid-dryness types of constipation.

Ayurveda considers almonds one of the best of all nuts, useful for building ojas, an essence that vivifies

  • intellection
  • spirituality
  • reproductive ability.

Ayurveda also advises not eating the skin of the almond because it may irritate the gut lining, and avoiding almonds that are blanched in hot water. To remove the skins and to begin the germination process of the almond (which improves digestibility and adds nutrients), soak them overnight and peel in the morning. However, almond skin contains a bitter principal, while not desirable for healthy individuals, is actually beneficial for resolving moist lung conditions.

Almond is the only nut to alkalize the blood; all others acidify.

For lung conditions, use almond drink; prepare by grinding almonds to a powder and mixing with water.

Almonds can exacerbate phlegm and sputum if the person has dump signs such as sluggishness, thick, greasy tongue coating, and edema.

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