Thermal nature: Warm.
Flavor: Sweet.
Organ network: Stomach, spleen.
Direction: Upbearing.
Element: Earth.

Healing properties TCM:

  • Supports and warms center burner,
  • Supplements qi and blood,
  • Enriches yang,
  • Supports ying,
  • Supplements bone marrow,
  • Enriches kidney yin and yang,
  • Relieves pain.

Contains: Protein, low in fat with high-quality unsaturated fatty acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron.


  1. Qi vacuity: Pale face, fatigue, quiet voice, sweating during the day, lack of strength, easily exhausted.
  1. Blood vacuity (generally associated with qi vacuity): Dull, pale complexion; difficulty concentrating, numbness, muscle weakness, heart palpitations, amenorrhea (lack of menstruation) or hypo-menorrhea (scant menstruation), general weakness, emotional instability, depression.
  1. Qi and blood vacuity following childbirth: Lack of strength, postnatal depression, heart palpitations, dizziness, lack of milk flow after giving birth.
    Recipe for supplementing qi and blood during pregnancy to prevent blood vacuity: Combine fresh chicken with carrots, parsley, a small amount of fresh ginger, possibly egg yolk, soybean sprouts, and water. Simmer for about three hours or more. Eat three to four times a week.
  1. Stomach qi and spleen qi vacuity: General lack of strength; loss of strength following long, draining illness: infirmity in old age, decreased appetite, indigestion, diarrhea, edema.
  2. Stomach cold or spleen yang vacuity: Sensation of cold in body, especially in stomach region, cold extremities, lack of appetite.
  3. General vacuity of kidney network: Weakness and pain in knees and hip, premature ejaculation, tinnitus, frequent urination.
    Chicken boiled in rice wine with ginger and pepper.


  1. Restraint with general heat symptoms, especially heat in blood: Skin disorders with reddened, raised, itching efflorescence.
  2. Restraint during beginning colds: Pulls pathogenic factors into deeper layers.

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