Prawns/Crayfish, Lobster

Thermal nature: Warm.
Flavor: Sweet.
Organ network: Kidney, liver.
Direction: Floating.
Element: Earth.

Healing properties TCM:

  • Enriches yang. Especially kidney yang,
  • Supplements qi, and blood,
  • Dispels cold,
  • Disperses blood stasis,
  • Eliminates phlegm and wind.

Contains: Protein, minerals.


  1. Kidney yang vacuity: Impotence, premature ejaculation, weak libido, lack of strength, pain in lumbar region.
    Prawns fried in alcohol with garlic, ginger, and Chinese leeks (garlic chives)
  1. Qi and blood vacuity: After childbirth, stimulates milk flow and milk


  1. Blood heat disorders: Can produce efflorescence with skin disorders.

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