5 Day Detox Program Outline

Day 1: Orientation day

orientation-dayTime to settle in and get excited as you accustom yourself to your exclusive retreat center and soak in the breath taking views of the surrounding area. A welcome note will invite you to attend our introduction afternoon, including drinks by the pool as we meet and greet other guests and familiarize ourselves with the flow and specific details of the next 5 days together and how you might maximize your time. Expect some surprises, some giveaways and a special welcoming ceremony to formally invite you to the Island of the Gods.

Practice: Circle of Life

Day 2: Detox your understanding and practicing your Self-love.

The journey begins with our daily liver detox drink and yoga session

Do you have a good relationship with yourself?  Do your love and accept your body and yourself? Do you care about yourself? How do you do it?  Do you care a lot about your children, partner, and friends?  Do you accept yourself and your body? When was the last time you looked at your body in all its naked glory? I mean really looked at it without judging, self-hatred? Why are you here now? I think because you want to lose weight? You have thoughts: I am fat, ugly, unattractive. You think that you never find a partner who will love you as you are. You blame all other people and food industry and government, because they make you like this?

Do you know why do you lose the sweetness of life and contentment?

I think a lot of us have such questions and thoughts. We are seeking for answers all the time.

During this discourse we will talk about the most important in our life:  Self Love and Self-acceptance. I’ll explain why do we lose it. Why do we have so many cravings to sugar, love, and contentment? And what do we need to do to go out of this condition

Day 3: Detox your Energy

Discourse: The Subtle Anatomy

We’ve all heard about the importance of detoxing. The main benefits include: increased energy, improved digestion, release of accumulated toxins and weight loss. Every year many people do detox just for the sake of detox. But complete health comes not only from a healthy body, but also from a toxins-free environment and healthy and resilient mind and soul. You can drink green juice until, well you are green in the face, but if you don’t address the thoughts and beliefs that may be holding you back from true health, you may be shortchanging yourself from experiencing complete health of body, mind, spirit and an environment.

koshaWe cannot change anything in our life without understanding:

  • Who we are
  • How do we exist
  • How do we connected with the Whole world

The first and the most important step in our self-healing journey is starting to understand that we are an open bioenergetics system, connected with the whole world around us. During this lecture, we will discuss:

  • Basic knowledge about the energy anatomy of our body: five elements, chakra system, yin, and yang energy
  • We will put together Western scientific Knowledge and Ancient East Energy Medicine & Philosophy. I want to be very clear! We are not comparing them. We ONLY put both knowledge together. Because both of them talk about the same, just using different language.

Practice: Water purification ceremony at Tirta Empul holy water temple.

Day 4: Detox your Existence

Discourse: Living according to 5 Laws of the Universe

law-polarity-300x226What is spirituality for you? Why are you here? The only way to know your true self is to absolutely not know who you are. Spiritual faith is distinct from religious faith and we will take the time to discover  “The V Universal Laws”. Whole Universe lives according these Laws. In our Western world we are totally disconnected, separated from all world. In our daily life we are fighting against these Laws and against ourselves. We are leading the life of survivors. We are exhausted, unhealthy, unhappy, broken. We suffer from fears, depressions, self-hatred, guilt and shame.

It is impossible to run against these Laws. There are very powerful.

Learn about these powers and learn to live according these amazing roles. And you life becomes more easy and joyful. You become a master of your whole existence: happiness, health, finances, business and relationships.

Practice: Making your own weekly and daily schedule

Everything in your Universe goes in specific cycles: Day, night, birth, death, seasons.
Everything in nature follows these rules. Every occasion takes place at adetermined moment. The fall comes after summer. We cannot die without to be born. But just a human being try to run against this cycle. This is the reason of all our illnesses and rapid aging.

If we learn how to plan our day, week or month according this cycle, we become We will teach you the magnificent methods that help to create your successful life. We will talk about:

  • The moon calendar
  • The week calendar
  • The day calendar

Day 5: Detox your Nutrition. Food as Medicine. Detox your kitchen. Detox your environment

  • self-reflectionWe will see how food affects our emotions, our stress resistance and our moods. We will see how we make illnesses and how food effects everything; first on the energetic level and then on the physical level
  • We will look at how we make ourselves sick and how to make ourselves healthy, without any special super human pills or potions
  • Lianawill explain how shall we find Love and contentment in our life if by doing justsmall changes in our diet
  • Useful tips on health and nutrition

Practice: Evaluation & self-reflection

It is time for reflection to our retreat. We will come back to your initial questions and intentions. We will see which kind of transformations did you go through. We believe that your intentions and questions are slightly different from the ones you had in the beginning.

We will evaluate the retreat and also we will evaluate ourselves.

In the evening a Closing Circle to be created and our Closing Ceremony begins.

It is time to say good-bye